man hiring a safe driver in dubai

Most asked questions about hiring a safe driver in Dubai

Whether you’re thinking about hiring a Safe Driver in Dubai to handle your transportation to a long/short distance, going for an event, a personal driver for yourself, family members, friends, colleagues, or employees, then you will probably have lots of questions in mind. Below are some of the most frequently asked doubts by people looking for hiring a safe driver in Dubai.


What is a designated safe driver?

A designated safe driver is a professional chauffeur who will drive your car to any location in Dubai. A designated driver can drive you and passengers to any location in the city. And they can also drive the car in your absence to, for instance, take the car to a garage for maintenance. Having a sober driver is useful for many reasons, not least for traveling home after a social event. But there are many other benefits, such as dropping off kids at school and picking up a friend from the airport. These are just some advantages of a safe driver service in Dubai.


Cost of Hiring a Safe Driver in Dubai

You can hire a designated driver for AED 80 per trip. There is no other hidden charges. This is one of the cheapest safe driver services in Dubai. A safe driver is generally more affordable and convenient than using public transport and private hire taxis. Especially if you need multiple stop-offs in the city, or you require the driver to wait around (or pick you up at another location). This is why many business people and residents use our services to help them make the most out of their busy life.

How can I be sure your drivers are safe?

We only hire professionally trained drivers with a positive track record and extensive driving experience. It is our aim to work with only the highest caliber of drivers. Not only do we demand excellent driving ability, we also ensure our representatives have great customer service and people skills. You can be sure that whenever you need a designated driver, our service will guarantee a sober driver who arrives on time and provides fantastic service throughout the duration of the hire. All our drivers are registered with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and undergo extensive checks. This includes police checks to ensure no criminal convictions.

What about car insurance and legal issues?

You must have fully comprehensive car insurance. This provides a full range of protection against accidents, damage, and other risk factors. Without fully comprehensive insurance, you will not be able to order a driver. Your car must also have a regular and recent maintenance record. All the safety features on the car must function correctly, including the breaks, lights, and seat belts. The car also needs to have sufficient tread on the tyres for safety and legal compliance.

Is your service available in cities other than Dubai?

We currently are only able to offer a designated safe driver service in Dubai. This will likely change in future as we expand our service to other cities across the UAE. In future, we may even offer safe driver services in other areas of the Middle East. Stay tuned with our news pages and follow us on social media to keep updated with our developments. When we release new locations, we will be sure to let you know first.

Can the driver transport me to multiple locations?

Absolutely. Since the service is charged by the minute, you have full control over how many stops you make. The driver will also be happy to wait for a period of time if required. This is useful if you have a short appointment or need to drop off an item at an address.

Is it possible to cancel my booking?

We understand that plans can change suddenly and you may wish to cancel your booking. You can notify our office or the driver that you wish to cancel the booking. However, a nominal cancellation fee will be applicable if you cancel at the last minute.

How quickly can the driver be ready?

This really depends on the locality of the driver to your pickup address. In most cases, we can have a designated safe driver available within 20 minutes.

How long will the driver wait before pickup?

In most cases, the driver will wait on average 10 minutes before pickup. We ask that customers try as much as possible to be on time to avoid inconveniencing the driver. If you are running late, notifying the driver first is the best course of action.

What times of the day are you available for hire?

At the present moment in time, we are operating during the hours of 2pm and 4am UAE time. This provides access to a safe and sober driver from the afternoon into the early hours of the morning. People enjoying Dubai’s night-time economy and attending parties can take advantage of our service.