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Dubai is known for its celebrations and parties which are incomplete without alcohol. And if you happen to attend one of these events and get drunk, then do not worry about driving back home as you will have a safe driver Dubai to get you back home safely.


If you are a party goer, nothing can stop you from having a great time during or after the party when you have safe driver service to pick you up. But It is absolutely unsafe to drive after drinking. Although you don’t have to avoid attending parties and get drunk, you can avoid driving back all by yourself. Instead it will be the duty of the driver to drive you back home.

If you are going to a night for drinking then we suggest you not think of driving yourself. The safe driver Dubai service has designated drivers and will be provided to you. The driver will stay sober whilst you enjoy your drinks. After you are done, the safe driver will then drive you to your home safely. With the private driver service, you will not only enjoy your party night out but also not worry about driving back under the influence of alcohol.

The safe drivers in Dubai are very experienced and are ready to serve you.

The safe driver Dubai service promotes the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by offering designated drivers to you. The top priority of the service is to make sure that your trip back home is safe and sound. No matter where you party, be it a club, hotel or could also be a yacht, you still have to make it to home. If at all you are not sober enough to drive the car, then the driver Dubai offers you the service of making you reach your home safely.


Hiring a driver who will be in his senses and sober enough to make sure you reach your destination safely. The safe drivers are responsible and very professional. Moreover, with the driver service you will have the freedom of drinking as much and not worry about how you are getting back home.


Whatever the occasion is, drinking and driving is just not the right thing to do.


Better Drive caters Safe drivers for business travel, Airport Transfers, Long/Short period and tours in Dubai. You can book corporate drivers for Business Trips, Conferences, Business Leisure Trips. Our Airport Transfer services includes Arrivals, Departures and Hotel Transfers. You can make use of safe drivers for Long/Short period such as Daily, Weekly and Monthly Drivers. If you are here in Dubai for Vacation we will provide you Safe Driver for Day Trips, night trips, Evenings and Events


About Safe Driver in Dubai

Customers can Call +971 55 926 0707 to book a driver in Dubai or can Book online through our website.

Our drives are available 24/7 at your service. Call anytime anywhere in Dubai @ +971 55 926 0707

Yes. Our drivers will take you anywhere and stop at multiple locations as per your requirement.

Customers can request to cancel a driver 90 minutes prior to the scheduled pickup time.

You can Pay by cash.

Our drivers are registered with Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) who will help the customers reach their destinations in the safety and comfort of their own vehicles.
Your safety is our utmost priority. Our drivers undergo a rigorous screening process and are hired only after that. The training process includes police clearance, RTA Permit card, professionalism, knowledge and years of driving experience in UAE.

All our chauffeurs are safe drivers who strictly follow the traffic laws of UAE. They have hands on experience in driving all types of vehicles, you can be rest assured that your car is in safe hands with our Drivers.

A safe driver service is a service, which provides drivers to the people who cannot drive to the physical conditions or other road conditions.

Hiring a driver with in Dubai city limits AED 80 only, and from Dubai to Sharjah it is AED 150.

Better Drive always make sure that our drivers the pickup point in less than 30 minutes of your booking.

Our Drivers will wait for a maximum of 10 mins and if the wait time exceeds 10 mins the booking will be automatically canceled. The cancellation will be charged a fee of AED 15.

This is highly unlikely, however, if it happens you can contact the assigned driver or contact us immediately if the driver does not arrive within 30 minutes from the time of acceptance of your trip.

Why Should You Hire a Safe Driver in Dubai?

  • If you’re a hotel, you would bring exceptional value to your guests’ experiences you can call us and book a driver
  • Save time and remove the stress of getting parking and go for dinner/business meeting
  • Safe journey on your own can be driven by our driver
  • Protect your health by avoiding public transport in the time of the pandemic
  • Business meetings feel more professional and less exhausting
  • Finally, the comfort of a world-class driver from Better Drive

How to hire a Safe Driver in Dubai?

You can hire a safe driver or personal chauffeur for hotel pickup or drop-off for the day or evening easily with just call or a WhatsaApp message. Our driver arrives at wherever you are, weather it is a hotel or office or any place in Dubai, at the requested time, ready to take you in your own vehicle wherever you want to go. When you are ready, you and your car will be returned back home safely. Whether you want a driver to take you to work, a night out, or a special event, call us on 0559260707 or book a safe driver through WhatsApp.